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The Formula for
Eco Glam Hair

The HPH Concept

By using ammonia free color and only a gentle lightener, the natural integrity of the hair is never compromised. The less you alter the natural state of hair, the less maintenance is required to keep it that way. In conjunction, the less maintenance (color, packaging, shampoo, water, gloves, electricity, etc.) needed, directly results in less of a negative effect on everything and everyone. Our program haircut technique also aids in the use of less product and power by working with the natural texture and fall of the hair resulting in less time spent styling at home.

Hernan Prada Hair

Our Formula

Hernan Prada Hair

Indelible Haircut

Hernan Prada Hair stylists use a program haircut technique. This technique works with the natural fall of the hair, making at home styling easier and cutting down blow dry time. Since each haircut is personalized to the client’s hair, whether it be straight, curly, or in between, the cut will grow out beautifully and never lose it’s shape. Most clients who get our haircuts only need one every two to three months. The conventional technique (used elsewhere) uses more of a “90 degree angle” technique which cuts each section of hair in multiple pieces regardless of how the clients hair naturally falls. Since this same cut is given to all, it makes it difficult for the client to style it when the cut is not suitable or personalized for their hair.


Bi-Tone ©

A bi-tone is a technique used on clients who may be new to color or who just want to break the solidity of their current hair color. The ammonia free color is applied in three steps to create different shades and dimensions throughout the hair. It can be done on any shade of hair but is a favorite amongst brunettes. This technique will leave your hair looking shiny with rich, multi dimensional color.

Diffused Color ©

Clients who get a one color process and also want the natural highlighted look of balayage, would benefit from the diffused color technique. This technique would also be good for clients who may be new to balayage or are looking for a more subtle highlighted look. Diffused color involves applying a one color process then immediately applying balayage highlights/lowlights and letting both processes develop simultaneously. Our most popular technique, diffused color gives a beautiful blend of natural looking color.

Eco Pash (Balayage) ©

Balayage is a hair coloring technique designed to create very natural-looking highlights which grow out without developing a noticeable and obvious root (low maintenance). This coloring technique emerged in Paris in the 1970s; the word “balayage” is French for “to sweep”, a reference to the way in which the color is applied. Unlike foiled highlights, which look very uniform and a bit unnatural, hair which has been subjected to balayage simply looks like it has been out in the sun. The highlights can be subtle or more intense, depending on the desires of the client, and balayage isn’t just for blondes: it can also be applied to brunette and red shades. The balayage technique works with the natural pigment of the hair using a lightening powder (ammonia-free), never bleach, so it will not damage the hair like foil highlighting does.

Balayombré ©

Our newest healthy hair technique! Balayombré is our take on the popular Ombré style where color becomes gradually lighter from root to end. Multiple shades of lightener is applied in a Bi-Tone style with Balayage placed in between sections offering a more natural looking color.

Roller Mechés ©

This European technique is best described as “un-foil highlighting”. All the intensity that foil highlighting offers, minus the damaging effects. Roller Mechés is the healthy, eco-friendly version that your hair has been waiting for! The selected hair is placed onto an extended plastic, reusable sheet where it is hand painted with either lightener or ammonia-free color. The plastic sheet then automatically rolls up to the root where the hair will process to a more intense level. The outcome is a brilliant pop of color or highlight! This technique can be done on its own or in addition to any color process at the same time!

Hernan Prada Hair

Green Action

Green Circle Certified Salon

This year we’ve been certified by the Green Circle Salon. Our salons workflow includes the 95% recycle of the beauty and operational waste.

  • paperless billing only
  • energy efficient lighting
  • energy efficient appliances
  • glass drinking cups
  • recycled wood stirrers
  • recycled paper products
  • earth friendly product lines
  • paperless billing only
  • energy efficient lighting
  • energy efficient appliances
  • glass drinking cups
  • recycled wood stirrers
  • recycled paper products
  • earth friendly product lines
  We recycle ALL!

magazines  •  cappuccino capsules  •  color boxes  • color tubes  •  product containers

Hernan Prada Hair
Hernan Prada Hair

Full Circle Education

At HPH we take education very seriously. Our directors travel back to Barcelona multiple times a year to attend the latest top fashion workshops at Llongueras International Institute. After completing each workshop, they bring back and personally teach our stylists all of the exciting new hair trend techniques infused with our eco-friendly standards. The knowledge is then passed on to our current assistants who are taught all of our eco-friendly techniques by our stylists at our weekly in-salon class.
Every assistant partakes in our training classes and once they master the program, they become the teachers, learning everything again from the other direction. This creates a circle of education aka Full Circle Education (FCE)-and the evolution is reflected in our tiered pricing system.

FCE Tier Pricing

Time, experience and the highest levels of education is what constitutes a Mentor at HPH. These master stylists bring the education to us and shape the entire salon with their vision and skill.

Women’s Cut: $200
Men’s Cut: $60
Teen’s Cut: $100
Child’s Cut: $45
Blow Dry: $75
Eco Pash: $300
Diffused: $150
Bitone: $125
Balayombre: $275
A Professor has done more than master our eco chic techniques, they have evolved personally and professionally as well. Their experience offers an extra level of knowledge only time can deliver.

Women’s Cut: $120
Men’s Cut (Luis): $50
Teen’s Cut: $100
Child’s Cut: $35
Blow Dry: $50
Eco-Pash: $225
Diffused: $135
Bitone: $125
Balayombre: $250
Our alumni have mastered all of our eco chic techniques and are now not only behind the chair taking clients but have also entered the role of teacher in our FCE evolution.

Women’s Cut : $100
Men’s Cut: $45
Teen’s Cut: $75
Child’s Cut: $35
Blow Dry: $45
Eco-Pash: $210
Diffused: $125
Bitone: $110
Balayombre: $225
The students in our FCE evolution, our assistants come to us green (just the way we like it) and are taught everything from our famous shampoo massages to every eco chic technique, not only in class but daily throughout the salons. All of our Protege stylists are licensed as well.

Please email us to inquire about HPH EDU.
HP Sleek: $400
Roller Meches $50 & up
HP Detox: $60
Gloss: $45
Powerdose: $50

Glam Squad

We LOVE what we do and stay up to date on style trends and new techniques to provide the best service to our clients.

Hernan Prada Hair

Hernan Prada


Formed in Llongueras (Barcelona), Hernan opened Prada Studio in Pelham, NY in 2004 where he developed and improved his revolutionary, eco-friendly techniques. Since then, Hernan has expanded his brand to multiple NYC locations and now in Connecticut.


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